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  Kabul Weekly

  Asia  >>   Afghanistan >>  Pashto  >>  Weekly Newspapers >> Kabul Weekly

The Kabul Weekly is the largest circulated and leading weekly newspaper in Afghanistan.
About Kabul Weekly Newspaper
Country:   Afghanistan
Language: Pashto
Category:   Weekly Newspapers

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Kabul Weekly


The Kabul Weekly is the largest circulated and leading weekly newspaper in Afghanistan. It was established in the year 1991 but after one year it halted its publication due to the publication of an article about Muhajideen government. After the downfall of Taliban this newspaper was re-launched and since then running successfully. It is published in three languages which are English, Pushto and Dari.


Kabul Weekly Online


It presents an online edition that is available on internet on its official website. Kabul Weekly presents two online versions of its weekly edition, one is in English language while other one is in Persian language.

Kabul Weekly



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