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Albania Country

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  Europe    >>    Albania

Albania is located in the map of world in the South Eastern part of Europe.

About Albania Country



Albania is officially called as the Republic of Albania. It is located in the map of world in the South Eastern part of Europe. Albania is a parliamentary democratic state. Albania meets Greece in the south east, Montenegro in the north, Kosovo in the north east, Macedonia in the east while in the western part Adriatic Sea and in the south western part Ionian Sea exists.

Tirana is the capital and population wise largest city of Albania. It is also very important in terms of financial importance and it is considered as the financial capital of Albania. President is declared as the head of the state who is elected by the parliament for five year. Albania has a continental climate. Albania consists of lowland areas and high altitude areas. If we talk about the economical standing of Albania so we find that it is a poor European country that is struggling hard to achieve the high place in terms of its economy. Albania has three major religions that are Islam, Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics. These three religions are dominated in the separate areas of Albania. The most popular sport in Albania is Football. Other popular sports are Fustal, basketball etc.

Military of Albania has four major divisions these are: Albanian Joint Force Command, Albanian Support Command, Albanian Training and Doctrine Command.


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