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Algeria Country

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  Africa    >>    Algeria

Algeria is officially called as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. Algeria lies in the North side of Africa.

About Algeria Country


Algeria is officially called as the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. Algeria lies in the North side of Africa.

Algeria Map: Algeria is the largest country on the Mediterranean Sea while in continent Africa Algeria is the second largest country. It is spread over a large area of 2,400,00kilometer square and according to which Algeria is the eleventh largest country of the world. Algeria meets Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the southwest and in the north Mediterranean Sea exists. The main and major important cities of Algeria are Algiers, which is also the capital of Algeria, Oran, Anabas and Constantine. Sahara Dessert is present in the south of Algeria.

Algeria Weather: Heavy rainfall occurs near the coastal areas while in dessert areas temperature remains to high degree during daylight and in the evening. During night times weather becomes cold.

Algeria Gorvenment: President of Algeria is declared as the head of the state, who is elected for five years. Prime minister is appointed by the president and Prime minister is the head of the government. Algerian armed force is consisted of People's National Army, Algerian National Navy, Algerian Air Force and Territorial Air Defense Force. Islam is the state and official religion in Algeria. Sunni sect is dominated as it is the majority in Algeria. There are 48 administrative provinces in Algeria, that are further divided into small districts and these districts have further divisions that are called municipalities.


Algeria Country Newspapers

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