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American Samoa Country

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  Oceania    >>    American Samoa

American Samoa is territory that is located in United States in the South Pacific Ocean.

About American Samoa Country


American Samoa Map:

American Samoa is territory that is located in United States in the South Pacific Ocean. It is a unincorporated territory in United States. According to an estimate total population of American Samoa is 57, 291 and it spread over an area of 200.22 kilometers square.

American Samoa has three administrative divisions and two atolls are unorganized. These districts have further 74 divisions, which are villages. Capital city of American Samoa is Pago Pago, it is not only the capital of American Samoa but also it is the largest village of American Samoa.

American Samoa Languages:

Samoa is a bilingual territory where majority of Samoan natives are present while few of them are white. As it is bilingual so English and Samoan are the official languages. Christians are the major religious group.


American Samoa Country Newspapers

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