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Armenia Country

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  Europe    >>    Armenia

Armenia is landlocked country that is surrounded by the mountains from all sides. It is officially called as the Republic of Armenia.

About Armenia Country



Armenia is officially called as the Republic of Armenia.

Armenia Map: It is a landlocked country that is surrounded by the mountains from all sides. It lies in the South Caucasus between the Caspian Sea and Black Sea. It is a connecting cord between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. In its west border Armenia meets Turkey and north border meets Georgia while Azerbaijan meets at the east border and Iran and Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan exclave in the south. Armenia is democratic state that was the part of Soviet Union in the previous history.

Armenia Government: President is declared as the head of the state in Armenia according the Armenia constitution. Armenian army has a strong military defense in the world, it is divided into Armenian army, air force, air defense and border guard.

Armenian weather is continental where summer season is dry and sunny while winter season is very cold with heavy snowfall and temperature falls below the freezing point.

Armenian Religion and language: Christianity is the state religion of Armenia. Official language of Armenia is Armenian that was created by Saint Mesrob Mashtots. Russian language is also widely spoken while during the recent decades English language is getting popularity in Armenia.



Armenia Country Newspapers

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