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  Prothom Alo

  Asia  >>   Bangladesh >>  Bengali  >>  Daily Newspapers >> Prothom Alo

Prothom Alo is a leading Bengali language daily newspaper that is printed and circulated from the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh.
About Prothom Alo Newspaper
Country:   Bangladesh
Language: Bengali
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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It is a leading Bengali language daily newspaper that is printed and circulated from the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. This newspaper was established in the year 1998, it is one of the largest circulated Bengali newspaper in Bangladesh and This daily newspaper has a respectable and reliable reputation in Bangladesh. This newspaper Bangladesh is printed in a broadsheet format. It is owned by Transcom Group.


Online Edition


This newspaper provides its daily edition on internet in the form of an electronic edition. This electronic edition is available on internet and can be accessed easily from anywhere. It is most widely accessed by Bengali online readers.  

Prothom Alo Daily Newspaper Bangladesh

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