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Canada Country

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  North America    >>    Canada

Canada is located in the upper parts of the North America.

About Canada Country



Canada is located in the upper parts of the North America. Canada is covering a great area such as it starts from the eastern side of Atlantic Ocean and extends towards Pacific Ocean in its western side while it comes to Arctic Ocean in its north side. Canada is the largest country in the world according to the area it is covered.

Canada has the longest common border with United States of America. Canada is a federal dominion, it is consisted on ten provinces while three territories. Parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy is customized in Canada. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the state Canada has a great cultural diversity while it is a bilingual country where English and French are the official languages.

Economy of  Canada mainly relies on its natural resources and trade.

Canada is a permanent member of following international organizations:

  • NATO
  • G8
  • OECD
  • WTO
  • Commonwealth of Nations
  • Francophonie
  • OAS
  • United Nations

Climatic conditions of Canada vary area to area and place to place. Canada has a great diversity in its climatic conditions. Winter and summer season is extreme. Canada has a great cultural diversity; it has a mix culture because there is a great influence of British, French and Aboriginal culture influence. Canada is a bilingual country because it has two official languages these are English and French.





Canada Country Newspapers

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Calgary Herald
      The online source for Calgary news, business, sports, entertainment, classified ads, horoscopes, weather, local news and more .
National Post
      Canada's newest national newspaper.
The Globe and Mial
      National and international news including Report on Business, information, commentary and interactive discussion.
Toronto Star
      Founded in 1892, The Toronto Star is Canada's largest daily newspaper.

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