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  Andhra Pradesh Patrika

  Asia  >>   India >>  Telugu  >>  Magazine Newspapers >> Andhra Pradesh Patrika

Andhra Pradesh Patrika is a Telugu language magazine that is published by the Department of Information and Public Relations, Andhra Pradesh.
About Andhra Pradesh Patrika Newspaper
Country:   India
Language: Telugu
Category:   Magazine Newspapers

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Andhra Pradesh Patrika is a magazine in Telugu language, this magazine is published by Andhra Pradesh government to let the people know about the developmental programs, carreer counseling and other steps taken by the Andhra Pradesh government. It also contains other interesting features such as humor material, entertainment, stories and poetry. It was launched in the year 1952.


Telugu Online News


Andhra Pradesh Patrika provides its online edition on its official website. This online edition is illustrated with all the interesting things that are available in the printed edition of the magazine.


Andhra Pradesh Patrika- Telugu Online News

Date : Wednesday, 13th November 2013, 12:38am
Name : vasu
Comment : There is "NO-UPDATE on ARCHIVES section", There by NO OLD Magazines available to the readers kindly update old magazines time-to-time. and serve the purpose of printing the magazine.
Date : Friday, 18th January 2013, 1:15am
Name : ch.dayakar reddy
Comment : ap patrika ante chaala ishtam
Date : Thursday, 16th August 2012, 3:58am
Name : kantha
Comment : plz give information andhra pradesh patrikainfomation in 2009-2012
Date : Tuesday, 12th June 2012, 2:14am
Name : Dr.Peyyeti Murali Mohana Rao
Comment : stories
Date : Saturday, 7th January 2012, 12:59pm
Name : LNPaladi
Comment : CRIME Is, the felling of trees Criminals are those who fell the trees indiscriminately and irresponsibly; Rio de janeiroís Earth summit didnít do enough to educate the international community, to care for the Nature and th

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