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  Dainik Jagran

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Dainik Jagran is a daily basis Indian Hindi language broadsheet pattern newspaper. It covers breaking and latest news.
About Dainik Jagran Newspaper
Country:   India
Language: Hindi
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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Dainik Jagran is a daily basis Indian Hindi language broadsheet pattern newspaper. It is one of the leading Hindi language newspapers of India.

It was launched in the year 1942. Initially its headquarter was located in Jhansi from it was published very first time but later on Kanpur became the headquarter of Daily Jagran. Currently it is published and circulated from the following states of India:

  • UP
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Bihar
  • Jharkhand
  • Chattisgarh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajasthan Delhi/NCR
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Kashmir
  • Uttaranchal
  • West Bengal etc

Daily Edition

Daily edition of Dainik Jagran contains all the necessary and essential things to capture the attention and interst of a reader besides publishing political, social and other news it also publishes and releases some supplements, these are:

  • Jhankar
  • Yatra
  • Sangini
  • Josh
  • Nai Rahain

E- Paper

Dainik Jagran daily provides its electonic edition on internet. This daily edition is up dated atleast 30 times daily and very useful for Hindi language newspaper readers all over the world.

Dainik Jagran-Epaper

Date : Tuesday, 15th April 2014, 5:51pm
Name : dharmendra dubey
Comment : dainik jagran nai rahen paper is best of job please advertisement for foreign country jobs.and central goverment job
Date : Tuesday, 8th April 2014, 5:37pm
Comment : Ilike thi news paper
Date : Monday, 18th November 2013, 3:26am
Name : monu
Comment : I want hindi sanskaran sirapur edition
Date : Monday, 8th July 2013, 4:43am
Name : Arvind
Comment : Dear, i need the news paper of date 24,september,1999, New delhi edition. Thank you
Date : Saturday, 1st June 2013, 8:01am
Name : sashanka
Comment : great
Date : Wednesday, 13th February 2013, 5:25am
Name : chimpaji
Comment : i like all hindi news paper but dainik bhaskar is very good
Date : Sunday, 20th January 2013, 4:03am
Name : vibhor kumar sinha
Comment : dainik jagran is most important news paper in india...and wednesday josh is the most vluable for the student
Date : Sunday, 13th January 2013, 8:21pm
Name : Deeksha
Comment : i need to read page 2 of jhankar magazine in danik jagran of 13 january,2013...kindly help me.........
Date : Sunday, 21st October 2012, 3:27pm
Name : Vpyadav
Comment : Best
Date : Thursday, 11th October 2012, 6:15am
Name : Mamta Kumari
Comment : Danik jagran is best for everyone.It gives a great knowledge to every one who reads it.iam thankful of it.
Date : Monday, 24th September 2012, 12:32am
Name : rahul kashyap
Comment : dainik jagran desh ke sabhi akhbaro me se ek hai yeh akhbar sabhi ke liya bahut upyogi hai iske har panne me kuch naya hota please ap apne akhbar me delhi me jo comeition hona ja raha hai jisme free me pdai hogi to ap apne akhbar me ise print karna na b
Date : Tuesday, 17th July 2012, 9:11pm
Name : Mahi
Comment : Dear all, i need news paper of a back date for 8th December 2005, kindly do help me. Thanks and Regards
Date : Monday, 25th July 2011, 8:02pm
Name : richa
Comment : dainik jagran deshke pramukh akhbaro me se ek hai.ye hr warg aur umr k logo ke liye upyogi hai,iske har stambh se logo ko madad milt hai.somwar ka jo sahithyik stambh hai,kripya usme us pate[address]ko chape jaha pathak apne rachna,apni kriti bhej sake

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