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  The Economic Times

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The Economic Times is an English language daily newspaper in India. It covers business, financial, personal financial, economical, stock, share market, and all kind of banking and loan news.
About The Economic Times Newspaper
Country:   India
Language: English
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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The Economic Times is an English language financial daily of India, it is not only the largest circulated and read financial daily in India but also it is ranked as the second largest circulated newspaper in the world. It is published and circulated by the largest media group of India that is Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd. The Official headquarter of Economic Times is located in Mumbai. This is a financial newspaper so mainly it publishes economical, financial and business news of not only India but other world. This newspaper was founded by Mr. P.S. Hariharan. Currently Mr. Rahul Joshi is the Executive Editor of The Economic Times.  

The Economic Times is very popular and considered as the most reliable financial newspaper among the high life and business groups of India.

Besides its daily edition The Economic Times also issue several kind of supplements on weekly and daily basis.




The Economic Times also provides its daily edition that is up dated on hour basis and this electronic edition is very useful for the foreign readers.


The Economic Times-Epaper

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