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  Irish Daily Mail

  Europe  >>   Ireland >>  Irish  >>  Daily Newspapers >> Irish Daily Mail

The Irish Daily Mail is a daily tabloid Irish language newspaper that is published and printed from Ireland.
About Irish Daily Mail Newspaper
Country:   Ireland
Language: Irish
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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Irish Daily Mail


It is a daily tabloid Irish language newspaper that is published and printed from Ireland. It is owned by Daily Mail and General Trust Associated Newspapers Ltd. It was established in the year 2006. It covers general news.


Irish Daily Mail Online


It presents an online edition its daily printed edition. This online edition accessed by a heavy traffic of Irish internet readers.


Irish Daily Mail

Date : Sunday, 1st February 2015, 4:15am
Name : irish dennis
Comment : I get Irish Daily Mail daily when in Ireland. I need this valuable Newspaper Online while away. DB
Date : Wednesday, 5th November 2014, 10:03pm
Name : Bríd
Comment : Just curious as to why the Irish Daily Mail is not available online in Ireland?
Date : Sunday, 8th June 2014, 8:36pm
Name : Madra Mamma
Comment : The Irish Daily Mail is an Irish gutter press tabloid from the DMGT, a British newspaper group in the business of scandal mongering without first confirming the veracity of their "facts" and sources. This piece of rubbish is, thankfully, NOT printed in th
Date : Sunday, 16th February 2014, 9:02pm
Name : CARO
Comment : WHY ARE YOU NOT ON-LINE ??? i buy this paper every Saturday (costs me €1.30) but I just wanted an electronic version of an article so that I could send it on to my friends...!!!
Date : Saturday, 4th January 2014, 8:06am
Name : Irish Dennis
Comment : Get ONLINE for crying out loud ...IT IS THE ONLY PAPER OUT THERE FOR ANY IRISHMAN.
Date : Saturday, 4th January 2014, 7:23am
Name : John
Comment : Would it be possible to have your political editor mr. Seman Malony contact me re. Brian Payne, grandson of "the most famous deserter in maritime history"? Thanks.
Date : Wednesday, 5th June 2013, 6:07am
Name : Mari
Comment : I would like to be able to read the Irish Daily Mail online. I have the App 'PressReader' but the notice on there says that the Irish Daily Mail is not available online for Irish readers. I am very sad about that because it's the only newspaper I read, gi
Date : Friday, 22nd March 2013, 11:52am
Name : Trindy
Comment : I have tried a number of times your Advanced 30 second challenge and do not come up with your answer. Is this answer correct? Look forward to your reply.
Date : Thursday, 14th March 2013, 1:14am
Name : Bidser
Comment : Sent the Mastheads and a follow up email and still awaiting the childrens fairy tale books. Ann Kenneally
Date : Friday, 8th March 2013, 1:12am
Name : Bidser
Comment : On February 14th posted five Mastheads for the Fairytale Books offer and to date have not received same. Very disappointed Irish Mail Reader.
Date : Saturday, 23rd February 2013, 11:52am
Name : anthony walsh
Comment : irish life vhi medmark imc garda aib welfarelaw society all involved
Date : Tuesday, 25th September 2012, 1:52am
Name : Terry
Comment : The Irish daily Mail is NOT an Irish language newspaper.Also the link you put up takes you to the English edition not the Irish Daily Mail.
Date : Wednesday, 6th June 2012, 3:47am
Name : Another No Name
Comment : I wish to question your suggestion on your web site that your paper is published in the Irish Language. Please advise.
Date : Monday, 30th April 2012, 6:31pm
Name : mags
Comment : Dear Editor I am writing to complain how your news paper write articles about people without checking out the facts and details. Have reporters ever thought if someone wrote reports about their children and had it all wrong or photogophers sat outside som
Date : Wednesday, 2nd November 2011, 4:43am
Name : anto
Comment : the daily mail is fine paper says what needs to be said especially about politicans oh the coffee break brill
Date : Monday, 11th July 2011, 12:33am
Name : Lorna Johnston
Comment : On Monday July 4th you published a magnificent picture of the tall ships leaving Dunmore on page 2 and 3/ Is it possible to buy a copy of this photo as it is fab. Keep up the good work. great value for money at this time
Date : Friday, 11th February 2011, 5:12am
Name : danno
Comment : To whom it may concern About two weeks ago it was advertised on television that each day a free dvd of Upstairs Downstairs would be given with a copy of the Irish Daily Mail but never arrived I tried different vendours and they said no such dvd was free

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