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Israel Country

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  Middle East    >>    Israel

Israel or the State of Israel is an Asian country that is located in the western region of Asia on the eastern coast of Mediterranean Sea.

About Israel Country



Israel or the State of Israel is an Asian country that is located in the western region of Asia on the eastern coast of Mediterranean Sea.


Bordering Countries:


Lebanon: North
: Northeast
: East
: Southwest


Israel is the only one Jewish pre-dominant State. Major religious groups include Muslims, Druze, Christians and etc. Parliamentary democracy is customized in Israel where Prime Minister is the head of the government and president is declared as the head of the State.

Israel experiences Mediterranean Climatic conditions.  Israel has six major administrative divisions, these divisions or districts are further sub-divided into fifteen sub-divisions. Military of Israel consisted on Israeli Army, Israeli Air Force and Israeli Navy. Israeli Armed Forces are well equipped with the latest weapons and arms. Economy of Israel mainly relies on industrial sector and agriculture sector.  Football and Basketball are the popular sports in Israel.


Israel Country Newspapers

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      News and commentary relating to events in Israel, the occupied territories, and the world, along with an archive of past issues.
The Jerusalem Post
      Israeli and International news by the web edition of the English national broadsheet newspaper.

Name : Tahir 14th May 2014, 2:51am
Comment : My name is Tahir Dar. i am Pakistani My profissional is journalism , i want work as Correspondent for any Reputed Media house of the israel. Contact me on my E-mail which i Mention i Hope you will be give me fast Response. Thanks & ______________________________________________________________________________

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