Kuwait Country - Kuwait Newspaper List
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Kuwait Country

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  Middle East    >>    Kuwait

Kuwait is a northwestern sovereign Arab Emirate list of Kuwait Newspapers.

About Kuwait Country



Kuwait or "The State of Kuwait" is a northwestern sovereign Arab Emirate that shares a border with Saudi Arabia in the south, Iraq in the north and west. According to an estimate the total population of Kuwait is 3.1 million while it is covering an area of 17, 818 kilometer square. Kuwait practices a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system is customized in Kuwait. Kuwait city is not only the political capital of Kuwait but also it is the economical capital city of Kuwait.


Kuwait Country Newspapers

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Al Watan
      The Al-Watan Kuwait is an Arabic language daily newspaper that is printed and circulated from Kuwait.
Arab Times
      The Arab Times is a leading and major English language daily newspaper that is printed and circulated in Kuwait.
Awan Kuwait
      The Awan is an Arabic language daily newspaper that is printed and circulated in Kuwait.
Kuwait Times
      The Kuwait Times is a major and leading English language daily in Kuwait.

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