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  The Sun Malaysia

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Online companion for the daily free, advertisement supported paper. Provides local, international news, columnists and letters to editors.
About The Sun Malaysia Newspaper
Country:   Malaysia
Language: English
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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The Sun Malaysia


It is a daily tabloid formatted free of cost national daily newspaper in Malaysia. It was incorporated in the year 1993. It is owned by Sun Media Corporation Sdn Bhd. It turned into a free of cost daily in the yea 2002. It targets urban youth and working class of Malaysia. Its headquarter is located in Kuala Lumpur.


The Sun Malaysia Online


It provides an online edition that is quite popular among Malaysian online readers and heavily accessed by great number of internet users.

The Sun Malaysia

Date : Tuesday, 18th February 2014, 4:03pm
Name : jack
Comment : I am concern of the increasing criminal and theft cases and incidents in the country which is very worrying.We are not able to walk safely anywher in the country.Can the concern team take this seriously????
Date : Friday, 7th June 2013, 2:28pm
Name : Emma
Comment : Good Morning, Dynamiq is a risk management company and provides medical personnel to mining and oil and gas companies all around the world. We are currently recruiting for paramedics and nurses in Malaysia and would like to use your job board to adverti
Date : Wednesday, 1st August 2012, 2:58pm
Name : akhir
Comment : I think news published in the sun newspaper are balancef
Date : Thursday, 5th July 2012, 3:00am
Name : Lakshmi
Comment : Saya sebagai sebagai rakyat malaysia yang prihatin ingin mengadu tentang masalah disiplin yang berada dalam tahap yang agak kritikal di Sekolah Menangah Ideal Heights. Saya berasa sungguh kecewa dengan tindakan dan cara guru-guru menguruskan sesebuah kes
Date : Friday, 27th April 2012, 5:57pm
Name : Dr Robin Usher Ph.D
Comment : Game: Conservation After reading The Criminalization Of Bad Mothers by Ada Calhoun, in The New York Times online for April 25th, 2012, and recalling how Britney Spears was forced to give control of her wealth to her father, Jamie Spears, because she was
Date : Wednesday, 7th September 2011, 8:58pm
Comment : Love everything about the sun especially the classified columns where it is very bold and clear--the only drawback is very difficult to get the sun .I suspect its been targeted by some to sell the paper for recycling purposes.
Date : Wednesday, 30th March 2011, 10:24pm
Name : Dean312
Comment : Need to be up to date with news around me without political interference.
Date : Tuesday, 29th March 2011, 4:38pm
Name : dee gees
Comment : when everyone keep their torch to themselves for fear of depleting the batteries, the only hope that remains for any light is the shine from the sun. In the local context it is The Sun Newspaper Malaysia. it has shed so much light on so many issues that o

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