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  Daily Dawn

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The Daily Dawn is an English language newspaper of Pakistan. It is the largest newspaper. Information about Dawn Newspaper like history, location, language, careers etc...
About Daily Dawn Newspaper
Country:   Pakistan
Language: English
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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DAILY DAWN Newspaper


The  Daily Dawn is an English language newspaper of Pakistan. It is the largest published and circulated English language newspaper of Pakistan. Daily Dawn newspaper simultaneously published and circulated from almost all the big cities of Pakistan. Dawn is owned by the Dawn Group of newspaper, it was founded by the founder of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam in the year 1941. Dawn was founded to wake Muslims and to suppress the propaganda against Muslims before separation of Hindustan. Dawn newspaper headquarters is located in Karachi, while other operative offices are working in Islamabad and Lahore, as well.  Abbas Nisar is the existing editor of  Dawn newspaper.


Daily Dawn Newspaper

The Daily Dawn is the largest circulated English language newspaper of Pakistan. It is famous among the elite and sophisticated class of Pakistan. It contains every thing in it thus making it a complete English language newspaper. It publishes several supplements on selected days and weekly magazines, these are:

  •     Young world
  •     Images
  •     Science and Books
  •     Review
  •     Add Buzz
  •     Careers

These supplements contain lots of interesting reading material for children, men, women, teens etc. Daily Dawn news about politics, education, current affairs, entertainment, business, sports, social issues etc.

A career is an especial supplement that contains job opening all over the Pakistan and outside Pakistan. Add Buzz is also an especial supplement that issue on Sunday and it contains real state, car dealing and other business information.


Dawn Online News and Dawn E- Paper

The daily Dawn E-paper provides a great electronic paper facility on internet to facilitate reader from foreigner Pakistani and other people. Everyday Dawn edition is also available on its official website.



Daily Dawn Newspaper
Official website of Daily Dawn Newspaper

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Date : Saturday, 9th November 2013, 5:50pm
Name : chand
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Date : Sunday, 13th October 2013, 9:31am
Name : waqar
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Date : Friday, 4th October 2013, 5:43am
Name : hamidmemon
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Date : Sunday, 29th September 2013, 8:10pm
Name : ali hassan jan durrani
Comment : gud newspaper bcz we get every news in this newspaper thnx to all newspaper team
Date : Wednesday, 7th August 2013, 7:47pm
Name : Muhammad younus Butt
Comment : On the great day of Eid ul Firt I say good wishes for all Muslims in the World and particularly to the people of Pakistan and all political parties e.g.PMLN.PTI.PPP,PMLQ,ANP,JAMAAT ISLAMI,JUI,MQM,PAKISTAN MUSLIM LEAGUE AWAMI,ALL PAKISTAN MUSLIM LEAGUE AND
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Comment : nice articles
Date : Sunday, 21st July 2013, 12:49am
Name : Farheen
Comment : I want to write an article through Daqn newspaper.what re the guidelines when yiung,we were taught.to staple different sections of dawn in an order.what might be a litrrate way of doing that? may I send the old read dawn papera somewhere for better recycl
Date : Friday, 19th July 2013, 11:57am
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Date : Saturday, 13th July 2013, 11:01am
Name : nison
Comment : how can i put my artcile on dawn news.?
Date : Saturday, 6th July 2013, 1:12pm
Name : khalilsharif
Comment : Letter to the Editor! How a person get a fake degree with spent a few US.$. The script which I have received from an American based university is much interesting to know the method they have done a complete process to confirm a degree recognized by the
Date : Saturday, 29th June 2013, 11:58am
Name : sana
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Date : Monday, 17th June 2013, 6:18am
Name : Farhan Ali
Comment : i want to write an article in dawn newspaper on eductional theme, so can u tell me the process... thkx.
Date : Saturday, 8th June 2013, 8:41pm
Name : wajid
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Date : Tuesday, 14th May 2013, 5:52am
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Date : Saturday, 4th May 2013, 7:21pm
Name : narain
Comment : Please send me last 10 years mondays dawn from 2003 to 2013 (every weekly mondays epaper).I have to make my project so i need some data.. i ll remain thankful to you.thanks
Date : Sunday, 21st April 2013, 6:03pm
Name : Shanu
Comment : Comments wil send you latter
Date : Sunday, 21st April 2013, 2:41pm
Name : safdar sahoo
Comment : i highly recommended DAWN news paper from safdar sahoo
Date : Friday, 19th April 2013, 4:22am
Name : abbas
Comment : good news
Date : Wednesday, 17th April 2013, 7:28pm
Name : Ali
Comment : Dear Sir, i have a great Speed in English Typing and 5 year experience in this field so i want to job with Dawn newspaper and Dawn News Tv. please consider me and call me for Interview my contact No.0313----0
Date : Saturday, 13th April 2013, 9:03pm
Name : M.Afzal Azad (Indian Occupied Kashmir)
Comment : Dear Editor, For last couple of days i am in search of your email number but i could't get so that i will send/write to you.pl send me your email address and oblige. M.AFzal Azad (chairman FACT Jammu and Kashmir. ph: ---2453
Date : Tuesday, 9th April 2013, 10:05pm
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Date : Monday, 1st April 2013, 7:32pm
Name : mubin
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Date : Thursday, 28th March 2013, 12:28am
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Date : Sunday, 10th March 2013, 8:05am
Name : Ammar Hasan
Comment : Why epaper doesn't have careers section?
Date : Wednesday, 27th February 2013, 4:58am
Name : drgulbaz
Comment : Dawn is a fabulously great newspaper. i enjoy reading it because of its stylish language and stunningly gorgeous and elegant vocabulary. It's profoundly impressive. I love it.
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Name : gulag
Comment : i am a poor person
Date : Thursday, 10th January 2013, 6:12pm
Name : gulzada
Comment : I like to read new daily
Date : Wednesday, 9th January 2013, 12:04am
Name : Muhammad Afzal
Comment : Dawn news contains an opportunity of no alternative as it contains all and sundry which a common people require
Date : Wednesday, 5th December 2012, 7:25pm
Name : nuzhat ali
Comment : its exceptional
Date : Sunday, 2nd December 2012, 6:40am
Name : malik
Comment : i want to write an article for DAWN.... kindly tell me the procedure....
Date : Thursday, 8th November 2012, 3:54pm
Name : Abdul Qayyum Shamrooz
Comment : Sir all of the old politacs faces go to home and open tea cafa and every thing handle to young peoples then pakistan be come to clean and honest country Abdul Qayyum Shamrooz
Date : Saturday, 3rd November 2012, 11:48am
Name : Neha Hani
Comment : Sir, Really a great Newspaper for every age group. I want to write for Pakistani adolescent issues. Please guide me where i have to send my article.
Date : Friday, 2nd November 2012, 4:07am
Name : abdulrazaque
Comment : i want to be member of your membership in my mobile,so please sent me code for daily news in dawn newspaper. ---44695 this my mobile number.
Date : Friday, 26th October 2012, 4:05pm
Name : adeel
Comment : waht to write an article in dawnnewspaper
Date : Saturday, 15th September 2012, 3:13pm
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Comment :
Date : Monday, 20th August 2012, 12:51am
Name : Muhammad Younus Butt
Comment : Perhaps this is my first comment sending to this great newspaper with the hope to forward my request to the honorable Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan to kindly look into my petition and request to reveiw my di
Date : Monday, 20th August 2012, 12:29am
Name : Muhammad Younus Butt
Comment : I do like this excelant English language speaking newspaper since 1974 and i found it the most independent and bold expression of gateway.If I would afford it get it at home and study,but due to financial problems.my wish cannt go through.anyhow his is go
Date : Friday, 3rd August 2012, 4:54am
Name : marviawan
Comment : beter new paper we get every news in this paper i realy happy when read this paper and thx ful to all paper team
Date : Monday, 14th May 2012, 12:45am
Name : Noor Samo
Comment : The Dawn has a liberal and progressive team thats why dawn has much space for vulnerable classes of our society.
Date : Tuesday, 28th February 2012, 1:03am
Name : arif
Comment : respected sir i just only request for the owner of dawn news paper that plz sir dawn hv a strong costly rate thats a way we hv not power to purchase every day plz so reduce rates of news paper or published another track for ordinary studnd just like me.i
Date : Wednesday, 7th December 2011, 10:49pm
Comment : Sir,me fine n hope so you will be all ok. i thnik politicians are playing a gud game with innocent public of pakistan
Date : Wednesday, 23rd November 2011, 6:32pm
Name : Mazeed khan
Comment : dear sir, I belong to orakzi Agency .As everyone knows that a great military operation is started against Taliban.but we are affected from both side Taliban and government.Before operation the Taliban give us different torture us on both side ie physical
Date : Saturday, 9th July 2011, 6:18pm
Name : Dr. S. A. S. Tirmizi
Comment : One of the best English news paper of Pakistan that contain material of every ones choice.
Date : Tuesday, 3rd May 2011, 8:43pm
Name : jawad ahmad
Comment : i proud dawn news peper.we get every information from dawn and thanks full to all dawn news peper team.
Date : Monday, 20th December 2010, 10:45pm
Name : akshan
Comment : good news paper becaz we get every news in this paper thanx full of news paper team

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