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  Saudi Gazette

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English language daily newspaper covering local, national and world events, Islam, business and sports. Includes reader forum and photo gallery.
About Saudi Gazette Newspaper
Country:   Saudi Arabia
Language: English
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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It is a daily English language newspaper that is printed and distributed from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was established in the year 1976. It is printed on a broadsheet format. It is published by Okaz Organization for Press and Publication. This Gazette went under the leadership of Mr. Muhammad Al-Shoukany in the year 2005.  Its headquarter is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Gazette E paper:


It provides its online edition in from of an e-paper. This e-paper is available on its official website.

Saudi Gazette Newspaper

Date : Saturday, 24th January 2015, 6:12am
Name : SMH
Comment : Having spent 30 years in KSA , I want to keep in touch with holy land.
Date : Monday, 19th May 2014, 4:07am
Name : Moulvi
Comment : اسلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركاته مين ايك خير
Date : Wednesday, 12th March 2014, 11:49am
Name : Ali Sulaiman
Comment : Please provide the email or fax number to send POEMS OR SHORT TORIES to be sent to SG FOR PURLICATION. mY DAUGHTER WANTS TO SEND THESE THINGS FOR PUBLICVATION. (Thank You)
Date : Friday, 7th June 2013, 10:30pm
Name : omerakh
Comment : Good news
Date : Friday, 4th January 2013, 6:50pm
Name : shadab hussain
Comment : saudi gouv. rolls news
Date : Friday, 29th April 2011, 10:45pm
Name : shahzi
Comment : Its very nice paper full of information of the regime. But i am unable to fine the complete newspaper in Image form.Is there anybody to tell me where i can find it??

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