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Turkey Country

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  Middle East    >>    Turkey

Turkey is officially called as the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is a Eurasian Country that means 97% located in Asia and 3% part of Turkey is located Europe.

About Turkey Country



Turkey is officially called as the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is a Eurasian Country that means 97% located in Asia and 3% part of Turkey is located Europe.


Bordering Countries:

Turkey shares border with eight countries, these include:

Bulgaria: Northwest
: West
: Northeast
, Azerbaijan and Iran: East
and Syria: Southeast
Mediterranean Sea
and Cyprus: South
Aegean Sea
: West

Black Sea: North


Turkish is the official language of Turkey. Turkey practiced democratic state where constitutional republican exist that was established by the great leader Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. Turkey is a member of many regional and international organizations, these include: NATO, OECD, ESCE, G-20 major economies, OIC, ECO and Council of Europe. Parliamentary representatives democracy system is customized in Turkey. President is declared as the head of the state. Prime Minister holds the executive powers. Turkish military is divided into the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Military of Turkey is the second largest military in the NATO. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey while Istanbul is the largest city. Turkey is divided into 81 provinces, these provinces are further subdivided into seven regions. Turkey has a great climatic diversity. Its coastal areas experiences Temperate Mediterranean climatic conditions. Continental climatic conditions are seen in the interiora Turkey.

Economy of Turkey mostly depends on its shipbuilding and electronic manufacturing products. Islam is the state religion in Turkey while Turkish Constitution support and declared freedom of religion. Football is the most popular sport in Turkey other popular sports include: Basket Ball and Volleyball.


Turkey Country Newspapers

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      Hurriyet English is regularly updated with the latest news from Turkey, It's neighbors and from around the world.
Today's Zaman
      The Todayís Zaman is a daily English language leading newspaper in Turkey.

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