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United Arab Emirates Country

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  Middle East    >>    United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates UAE is located in the Southeast area of the Arabian Peninsula.

About United Arab Emirates Country



The United Arab Emirates a united federation of seven emirates, it is located in the Southeast area of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwestern Asian region on the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah these seven states are collectively called as the United Arab Emirates.

UAE is oil rich country, its economy totally relies on oil resources for its economical growth.

UAE receives the highest number of foreign labors from different Asian countries such as Philippines, Jordan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Islam is the state religion of UAE while majority of Muslim are Sunni Muslim and other are Shia Muslims. Christianity and Hinduism are the minority religions.

UAE has the largest sea port of the world i.e, Jebel Ali Port, UAE contains so mnay major and important ports, these ports are: Port Zayed, Khalifa Port, Port Rashid, Port Khalid, Hamriyah Port, Port of Ajman, Saqr Port, Um Al Quwaim, Khor Fakkahn Port and Fujairah Port.


United Arab Emirates Country Newspapers

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Al Bayan
      Al Bayan is an Arabic daily newspaper published in UAE .
Al Khaleej
      The Al Khaleej is an Arabic language daily newspaper that is printed and published from Sharjah, UAE.
      Al-khaleej is an Arabic daily newspaper in UAE.
Arab News
      English language daily newspaper covering local and regional news plus Islam, business and sports.
Emirates Today
      Emirates Today is an English language daily newspaper that is published from Dubai, UAE.
Gulf News
      Gulf News is an English language daily newspaper that is printed and circulated fom Dubai, UAE.

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Comment : i want job for mont.teaching ______________________________________________________________________________
Name : Deep Kumar 5th May 2013, 4:55pm
Comment : Dear sir please information for the gulf newspaper in the Dubai and i want to join it so please information me about it. Thanks Regard's Deep Kumar ______________________________________________________________________________
Name : Yousef Ghosheh 4th Aug 2011, 6:11am
Comment : Generally, the UAE papers are informatives, there is no contact address tocommunicate or to feed back. Personally, I am trying to contact Al-Bayyan but there is no way to do that, as they do not publish a contact address of any form.

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