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  The Sun

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The Sun is the second largest circulated English newspaper in the world that is based in United Kingdom and Ireland. It covers latest sports, showbiz, and other news.
About The Sun Newspaper
Country:   United Kingdom
Language: English
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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The Sun

This newspaper is the world's second largest circulated daily newspaper, it is based in United Kingdom. It's another official office in Ireland. It is the largest English language newspaper in United Kingdom while second largest in the world. It covers almost all kinds of news and information, this information and news include; sports, showbiz, celebrities news, and others.  It was incorporated in the year 1963 and printed in tabloid format. It is the most prestigious daily newspaper in United Kingdom.

Online Edition:

This newspaper presents an online edition of its daily printed edition. This online edition is equally popular among all kind of people. This news website is updated on minute to minute basis. You can find latest and fresh news anytime on its news website.
The Sun - Sports - Showbiz - Latest News

Date : Monday, 25th August 2014, 3:59pm
Name : David D Y Choi
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